Fall 2020, 2021

Introduction to Statistical Programming

The R code for each lecture is broadcasted in the following link during each class: https://github.com/luminwin/BST625/blob/master/Broadcasting.R

GitHub repository https://github.com/luminwin/BST625

Installation: R (free) and RStudio desktop (free)

Useful Links: Run R in your browser; R Documentation

Extra Material: GitHub for R Studio

Extra readings:

  1. John Maindonald and John Braun. (2010). Data Analysis and Graphics Using R - An Example-Based Approach. 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press. download. recent updates shorter version by John Maindonald (John Maindonald is a contributor to R, type contributors() in R)

  2. Nicholas J. Horton and Ken Kleinman. (2015). Using R and RStudio for data management, statistical analysis, and graphics. 2nd edition, CRC Press. download

  3. Matt Baggott and Tom Short. (2012). R Reference Card 2.0 pdf

  4. Yanchang Zhao. (2013). R Reference Card for Data Mining pdf

  5. Tom Short, translated by 刘思喆. (2014) R参考卡片 pdf Check more free books with other languages at CRAN such as Chinese and Portuguese