NEWS 2022.11.17 — New publication

New publication in Nursing Research with Dr. Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda and Dr. Brian Mccabe. Gonzalez-Guarda, R.M., McCabe, B., Nagy, G., Stafford, A., Lisvel, M., Lu, M., Felsman, R., Rocha-Goldberg, P., & Cervantes, R. Acculturative Stress, Resilience and a Syndemic Factor among Latinx Immigrants. Nursing Research. (in press).

NEWS 2022.10.17 — Class began

The BST 625 class is in person/zoom. The size of the class has kept expanding. I will teach from Oct 17 to Dec 5.

NEWS 2022.08.30 — New publication

New publication in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) with Dr. Hülya Yürekli and Dr. Okan Bulut. Yurekli H, Yiğit E.O., Bulut O., Lu M. and Ersoy Öz E. (2022). Exploring Factors that Affect Student Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison of Data Mining Approaches[url]

NEWS 2022.08.30 — Invited talk

31st International Statistics Symposium, National University of Colombia, Manizales, Colombia, Aug 29 -- Sep 2, 2022.

NEWS 2022.07.12 — New publication (corresponding author)

New publication in Frontiers in Public Health with a master student. Lu M. and Liao X. (2022) Access to Care Through Telehealth Among U.S. Medicare Beneficiaries in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.[url]

NEWS 2022.06.27 — Review editor

Review Editor, Frontiers in Genetics, Statistical Genetics and Methodology (invitated by Dr. Li-Xuan Qin)

NEWS 2022.06.20 — Invited talk

Meetings in International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) section on Emerging Topics in Statistical Learning for Biomedical Data, Gainesville, FL, June 19–22, 2022. rehearsal video

NEWS 2022.03.21 and 2022.04.05 — Dissertation committe member

I served as a dissertation committee member for two PhD candidates in Biostatistics, Naiyuan Zhang and Jiangnan Lyu.

NEWS 2022.03.08 — Guest editor

I served as a guest associate editor of Frontiers in Education for the research topic – Machine Learning Applications in Educational Studies

NEWS 2022.02.03 — New award

I won an internal funding award from UM: Department of Public Health Sciences 2022 Copeland Foundation Award, University of Miami.

NEWS 2021.12.08 — New award

I won an internal funding award from UM: Relief Funding Award,the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship and the Office of Faculty Affairs, University of Miami.

NEWS 2021.11.17 — New publication

My book chapter on tree variable selection for microbiome data was published.

NEWS 2021.08.23 — Fall semester begins

The BST 625 class is in person/zoom. I will teach from Oct 11 to Dec 1.

NEWS 2021.08.21 — Release metavcov 2.1

I release the new version of metavcov; I develop and maintain the R package.

NEWS 2021.08.13 — Release randomForestSRC website

I develop and maintain the website and coauthor its 14 vignettes.

NEWS 2017.03.29 — The birthday of metavcov’s birthday

I develop and maintain the R package.

NEWS 2012.10.31 — The birthday of randomForestSRC is Halloween!!

My PhD advisor Hemant Ishwaran develops the R package with Udaya B. Kogalur.